• teaser_lupenbrilleoculus_lupenbrille
    For decades, OCULUS binocular loupes have been a tried and tested system worldwide for precision work in many fields, such as medicine, art, research, technology and many others. These magnifying loupes are ideal for low vision patients to improve the quality of life. They make stereoscopic near vision possible and provide a high rate of mobility.
    Thanks to the continuous further development of these powerful binocular loupes, a complete system offering the following features is now available:
    • The high-quality OCULUS optic ensures bright images, true-color and depth of field.
    • The large diameter exit pupil makes binocular adjustment easy for optimal vision.
    • The low weight and the ergonomically designed system carriers prevent strain, even for longer periods of wear.
    • The ability to adjust the pupil distance and change the angle of convergence allows optimal adaptation to the wearer’s individual needs.
    • For room orientation purposes, the magnifying lenses can be flipped up, without having to change the system settings.
    • A clear view through the metal frame is maintained.
    • Corrective or protective lenses can be inserted into the metal frame.
    • Optimal near vision adapters enable wearers to use standard multi-focal lenses. The modular concept of the 1.8x binocular loupe allows optics with other magnifications to be mounted quickly and easily, for flexible adjustment to changing requirements.
  • oculus-easyloupe_opticoculus-easyloupe
    The approved, design-award winning magnifying Loupe from OCULUS for professional and free time use.

    Magnifying Glasses – Tool and Helper for Work and Play

    1.8x to 2.5x magnification become child’s play. Whether you are a dentist, goldsmith, watchmaker, philatelist or modeler: the OCULUS Easyloupe® is your tool and helper for precise viewing of even the smallest of details.

    Customized for You - The OCULUS Easyloupe® Fits

    The OCULUS Easyloupe® can be adapted to your vision needs with ease.
    • The OCULUS Easyloupe® is available in two models
      • 1.8x Magnification, working distance 370 mm, large working field diameter of 90 mm
      • 2.5x Magnification, working distance 400 mm, large working field diameter of 80 mm
    • Easy, individual adjustment of the pupil distance (50 - 75 mm)
    • Frame temples with spring hinges available in two different lengths (95 mm and 105 mm)
    • Flexible ear pieces for a more comfortable and secure fit
  • oculus_binoptometer4p_mit_tabletteaser_binoptometer_4p_produkt_02
    The OCULUS Binoptometer® 4P is a professional screening instrument for testing all relevant visual functions. The used future-oriented technology allows an almost unlimited representation of various vision tests. Vision-screening instrument with contrast sensitivity testing and optional mesopic vision and glare sensitivity testing.

    New Test Presentation

    Vision tests are presented on a high-resolution micro-color display, allowing a virtually unlimited presentation of vision tests.


    Contrast sensitivity, optional mesopic vision and glare sensitivity testing with just one instrument.


    Convenient height adjustment range of 4.13 inch (10.5 cm). In addition, the viewing angle is fully adjustable up to a 35° downgaze, thus enabling testing to be done ergonomically with any eyeglasses.
  • oculus_cquantoculus_cquant_1
    With this product development, OCULUS is once again living up to its motto, "We focus on progress”. The OCULUS C-Quant makes it possible to measure the amount of straylight in a human eye individually and reliably. The effect of increased straylight in the human eye can be compared to looking through a dirty windshield.  
  • oculus_centerfield_moderne_verbindungoculus_centerfield_ergonomisches_design
    Thanks to its ergonomic design, user-friendly program navigation and ease of operation, the OCULUS Centerfield® 2 Perimeter has proven itself to be an invaluable instrument in the Occupational Health area. The unit performs static perimetry up to 70° eccentricity.  It also meets the requirements of the German Ophthalmological Society’s (DOG) Road Traffic Commission for conducting visual field testing in accordance with the regulations for the issuance of driver’s licenses and the Guidelines G25 and G41 issued by the German Institute for Occupational Health and Safety.

    Ergonomic Design

    The self-contained design and light-shielded viewer allow examinations to be conducted in normally lit rooms.  Its robustness and light weight make the OCULUS Centerfield® 2 Perimeter the ideal unit for portable use, which is often a necessity in the Occupational Health area.

    Reliable Results

    The results of the perimetric measurements are summarized in a clearly structured printout. Areas of abnormality can be quickly recognized and re-examination of these areas independent of the test point grid gives the diagnostic analysis even greater reliability.

    Modern Connectivity

    The OCULUS Centerfield® 2 Perimeter can be operated via the USB port of a notebook or PC. Together with the supplied device software, this modern solution allows you to fully utilize all of the benefits of today’s IT systems, especially the network connectivity. This guarantees both safe storage of examination data and quick access to that data when needed.
  • oculus - corvisoculus_corvis_tonometer
    The revolutionary OCULUS Corvis® STL records the reaction of the cornea to a defined air pulse with a newly developed high-speed Scheimpflug-camera that takes over 4,300 images per second. IOP and corneal thickness can be measured with great precision on the basis of the Scheimpflug images.

    Corneal Visualization Scheimpflug Technology

    The revolutionary OCULUS Corvis® STL records the reaction of the cornea to a defined air pulse with a newly developed high-speed Scheimpflug-camera that takes over 4,300 images per second. IOP and corneal thickness can be measured with great precision on the basis of the Scheimpflug images.

    Measurement and Display Options

    • IOP measurement
    • Measurement of the corneal thickness
    • Scheimpflug images of the 1st and 2nd applanation of the cornea
    • Slow-motion video of the corneal deformation as a result of the air pulse
    • Non-contact tonometer in combination with an ultra-high-speed camera for visualization of the deformation of the cornea in reaction to an air pulse (4,330 frames / sec.)
  • oculus_keratograph-1oculus_keratograph
    It ensures reliability when it comes to taking measurements, providing consultation and fitting contact lenses. The OCULUS Keratograph® accurate findings are something you can count on. The integrated keratometer and automatic measurement activation guarantee perfect reproducibility. In this way the OCULUS Keratograph® 4 also meets highest clinical standards for such procedures as tear film assessment and qualitative cornea analysis. It stands out by virtue of its versatility.
  • oculus - Keratograph 5Moculus - Keratograph5M
    The OCULUS Keratograph® 5M is an advanced corneal topographer with a built-in real keratometer and a color camera optimized for external imaging. Unique features include examining the meibomian glands, non-invasive tear film break-up time and the tear meniscus height measurement and evaluating the lipid layer.

    Gain Trust

    With the OCULUS Keratograph® 5M, you can show your patients images they have never seen before. Gain patient trust by providing professional consultation during examinations and follow-ups.

    Easy-to-Understand Presentation

    Actively integrate the OCULUS Keratograph® into your consultation. Many easy to understand displays support you in communication and patient education. Use your OCULUS Keratograph® 5M as a marketing tool to make your services transparent!
  • Pentacamoculus - pentacam
    First introduced in 1999, the OCULUS Pentacam® is commercially available since 2003. It is the first automatically rotating Scheimpflug camera. During the rotating scan that takes max. 2 seconds, up to 50 Scheimpflug images of the anterior eye segment are captured. The examination is released automatically and is user independent. During the scanning process, the patient’s eye motions are captured using a second camera and compensated mathematically. Ray tracing is used to compensate for optical distortions. This combination is the basis for calculating solid data for further evaluation. More than 100 published studies and papers prove the efficiency of this concept. The OCULUS Pentacam® measures the cornea from limbus to limbus. It supplies topographic data on elevation and curvature of the entire anterior and posterior corneal surface. The corneal thickness (pachymetry) is measured and presented graphically over its entire surface. A topography based keratoconus detection and quantification are performed. The anterior chamber depth, chamber volume (size) and the chamber angles are calculated and presented for the Glaucoma screening. The illumination of the eye using blue LED light makes corneal and lens opacities (cataract) visible. For patients information, the anterior chamber can be visualized and displayed with the virtual tomography model. After the examination, OCULUS Pentacam® provides an indice report that summarizes the abnormalities found during the scan. This report is based on clinical published studies and articles that define abnormalities. The OCULUS Pentacam® can be customized with two software packages and several software modules to fit your exact needs.
  • oculus_pentacam_axloculus_pentacam_axl

    The next generation is here!

    The new OCULUS Pentacam® AXL is a symbiosis of the time-tested OCULUS Pentacam® technology with completely new, high-precision measurement along the visual axis. Contact-free from the corneal surface to the retina. This compact device offers you a multitude of diverse measuring options:
    • Pentacam® measurements - The gold standard for measuring and analyzing the anterior segment of the eye - front and back surfaces of the cornea, total corneal refractive power (TCRP) and corneal thickness.
    • Axial length measurements - The high-precision optical biometer precisely measures the axial length for the IOL power calculation.
    • Combined measurements: OCULUS Pentacam® + Axial Length - Both measurements are captured in succession along the same axis, using the same alignment.
  • oculus - pentacam hroculus - pentacam hr
    The OCULUS Pentacam® HR is a high-resolution rotating Scheimpflug camera system for anterior segment analysis. It provides crisp images of cornea, iris and crystalline lens. It measures the anterior and posterior corneal topography and elevation, total corneal refractive power, corneal power distribution, automatic chamber angle measurement in 360°, chamber depth and volume, HWTW, corneal and crystalline lens optical opacities. Standard Software: Belin/Ambrosio Enhanced Ecstasia, Holladay Report, Contact Lens Fitting, Cataract package and Refractive Package.
  • oculus - Trial Framesoculus - Trial Frames
    • Trial frames for 3 pairs of lenses ø 38 mm
    • Adjustable PD from 59-67 mm
    • Fixed bridge
    • Adjustable temple length
    • Made of lightweight metal and plastic
    • Trial frame with adjustable nose rest