Binocular Loupes

Ideal for low vision patients to improve the quality of life

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Binocular Loupes

For decades, OCULUS binocular loupes have been a tried and tested system worldwide for precision work in many fields, such as medicine, art, research, technology and many others. These magnifying loupes are ideal for low vision patients to improve the quality of life.

They make stereoscopic near vision possible and provide a high rate of mobility.

Thanks to the continuous further development of these powerful binocular loupes, a complete system offering the following features is now available:

  • The high-quality OCULUS optic ensures bright images, true-color and depth of field.
  • The large diameter exit pupil makes binocular adjustment easy for optimal vision.
  • The low weight and the ergonomically designed system carriers prevent strain, even for longer periods of wear.
  • The ability to adjust the pupil distance and change the angle of convergence allows optimal adaptation to the wearer’s individual needs.
  • For room orientation purposes, the magnifying lenses can be flipped up, without having to change the system settings.
  • A clear view through the metal frame is maintained.
  • Corrective or protective lenses can be inserted into the metal frame.
  • Optimal near vision adapters enable wearers to use standard multi-focal lenses.
    The modular concept of the 1.8x binocular loupe allows optics with other magnifications to be mounted quickly and easily,
    for flexible adjustment to changing requirements.

Accessories and Figures

1. Metal frame with adapter for different magnifying units
2. Magnifying unit with and without frame
3. Near vision adapter for the use of multi-focal lenses
4. Supplementary objective lenses for greater magnification 2.0x or 2.5x at a reduced working distance

  • Binocular loupe with near vision adapter, 2.5x magnification
  • Binocular headband loupe with adapter for different magnifying units from 1.8 to 2.5x
  • Magnifying unit, 2.5x magnification, in flipped up position



  • 1.8 x width
    2.5 x magnifying unit
    Field of vision ø 45 mm,
    Working distance 180 mm
  • 1.8 x width
    2.0 x magnifying unit
    Field of vision ø 50 mm
    Working distance 220 mm
  • 2.5 x
    Binocular loupe
    Field of vision ø 80 mm,
    Working distance 420 mm
  • 1.8x
    Binocular loupe
    Field of vision ø 90 mm,
    Working distance 370 mm