Straylight Meter for Quantification of Light Scattering in the Eye

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The approved, design-award winning magnifying Loupe from OCULUS for professional and free time use.

Magnifying Glasses – Tool and Helper for Work and Play

1.8x to 2.5x magnification become child’s play.
Whether you are a dentist, goldsmith, watchmaker, philatelist or modeler:
the OCULUS Easyloupe® is your tool and helper for precise viewing of even the smallest of details.

Customized for You – The OCULUS Easyloupe® Fits

The OCULUS Easyloupe® can be adapted to your vision needs with ease.

  • The OCULUS Easyloupe® is available in two models
    • 1.8x Magnification, working distance 370 mm, large working field diameter of 90 mm
    • 2.5x Magnification, working distance 400 mm, large working field diameter of 80 mm
  • Easy, individual adjustment of the pupil distance (50 – 75 mm)
  • Frame temples with spring hinges available in two different lengths (95 mm and 105 mm)
  • Flexible ear pieces for a more comfortable and secure fit



oculus-easyloupe-lookPerfect Look – Precise Viewing Down to the Last Detail

The OCULUS Easyloupe® is a visual aid of a high optical level.

  • Extremely high depth of field
  • Exact image and absolute edge clarity
  • Fixed convergence angle for optimal near-distance vision
  • Coating that ensures high light transmission and reduces reflections to a minimum
  • Featherweight, only 53 g, makes fatigue-free working and reading over extended periods of time possible

oculus-easyloupe-completeEverything You Need

The Easyloupe® comes complete with

  • An attractive hard case to protect your OCULUS Easyloupe® and a
  • Microfiber cloth for gentle and effective cleaning.