iCare DRSplus

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iCare DRSplus

iCare DRSplus TrueColor confocal fundus imaging system

Key features

  • TrueColor Confocal Technology
  • Multiple imaging modalities including red-free, external eye and stereo view imaging
  • 2.5 mm minimum pupil size
  • Fast, easy and fully automated operations
  • Mosaic function which creates retinal panoramic views up to 80°
  • Remote Viewer that allows for reviewing from devices on the same local area network
  • Remote Exam feature enables executing an exam from a distance

iCare DRSplus fundus imaging system with TrueColor Confocal technology

iCare DRSplus confocal fundus imaging system uses white LED illumination to offer high-quality TrueColor images. TrueColor Confocal Technology, which is considered a standard of high image quality, provides detail-rich images with greater image sharpness, optical resolution and contrast when compared to traditional fundus camera imaging.

The fast and fully automated iCare DRSplus permits imaging through pupils as small as 2.5 mm, without need of dilation, ensuring a comfortable patient experience. The easy-to-use device that offers the advantage of quick examination time also helps speed up workflow at clinics.

Different imaging modalities for detail-rich imaging

TrueColor Confocal Technology with white LED, promotes detailed 45° retinal images and allows to scan through cataract to aid clinicians in the diagnosis and documentation of ocular disease.

High resolution red-free filtering enhances visualization of retina vasculature, blue images provide improved view of the Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL) and red channel allows to penetrate in the deeper layers towards the choroid. External eye imaging can document eye surface and cornea conditions. Stereo viewer technology creates improved 3D perception of the disc. The option of mosaic function automatically combines different retinal fields without user intervention, creating panoramic views up to 80°.​

Patient-friendly and comfortable device

iCare DRSplus Confocal Technology speeds up exam time while ensuring a comfortable patient experience. The device permits imaging through pupils as small as 2.5 mm and this non-mydriatic capability eliminates need for dilating drops and dark environments. With reduced flash intensity for softer effect on the pupil and quick and easy patient positioning, iCare DRSplus is a patient-friendly device.

Fast, efficient, and fully computerized operations

iCare DRSplus is an easy-to-use and intuitive imaging system that requires minimal staff training to obtain the highest quality images. iCare DRSplus offers live IR preview which contributes to an efficient capture workflow, while the filtering option makes image post-processing simpler. The fully-automated capabilities include auto-alignment, auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-capture, and auto-montage (optional). Quick and easy patient positioning and speedy examination saves time and makes the workflow efficient.

Image reviewing made easy

iCare DRSplus capacitive touch screen allows for easy magnification and review of images’ details. Additionally, the optional remote viewer feature makes also remote data review effortless, allowing any computer or laptop on the same local area network (LAN) to review remotely iCare DRSplus images, enabling data access and detailed analysis on multiple review stations.

Remote Exam enables social distancing

In the fight against COVID-19, healthcare professionals are required to apply special social distancing precautions to minimize the spread of the virus. We are working closely with healthcare professionals during this difficult period to provide appropriate support and tools to facilitate social distancing during patient exams.

Technical Specifications

Fundus Imaging System Features
Field of View Single image (W x H): 45° x 40°
Mosaic up to 9 fields (W x D): 83° x 78°
Light Sources White LED: 420-675 nm, Infrared LED: 825-870 nm
Imaging Modalities TrueColor, Red-Free*, Blue*, Red*, External Eye, Stereo**, Mosaic**
Autofocus Adjustment Range -15D to +15 D
Automatic Operations Auto-alignment, Auto-focus, Auto-exposure, Auto-capture, Auto-montage
Minimum Pupil Size Non-myd 2.5 mm
Working Distance 25 mm
Image Size 10 Megapixels
Resolution 77 pixel/degree
Fixation Targets Internal/External**
Dynamic Programmable Internal Fixation Target Central, Nasal, Temporal, Central-Nasal, Superior, Inferior, Superior-Temporal, Superior-Nasal, Inferior-Temporal, Inferior-Nasal
Display Integrated 10.1″ (1280 x 800) Color, Capacitive, Multi-touch
Hard Drive SSD ≥ 480 GB
Interfaces USB port 2.0 x 3, Gigabit Ethernet Port x 1
Export / Import jpeg, pdf, DICOM**, Web API**
Accessories Remote Viewer** up to a maximum of 5 remote stations
Dimensions/Power supply
Size (W x H x D) 300 mm (11.8”) x 450 mm (17.7”) x 650 mm (25.6”)
Weight 11 Kg (24 lbs)
Rated Voltage 100-240 VAC
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 60W
Electrical Class IEC 60601-1 Class I

*Digital Filters


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