• DEA-100 (Gonioscope)
  • EEC-100
  • Horus Digital Diagnostic Set_DSC 100Horus Digital Diagnostic Set_DSC 100
    This innovative product “Digital Hand-held diagnostic set” is Class-II (ophthalmoscope)/Class-I (otoscope and dermoscope) Medical Device. It is expected to substitute for the traditional ophthalmoscope, otoscope and dermoscope by the use of the digital photographic solution. This medical device is provided to capture the digital photograph or video of eye-fundus, ear canal and tympanic membrane, epidermis and dermis of skin. Following the global trend of electronic medical records and telehealthcare networks, this people-oriented medical imaging product will be widely applied in doctors’ offices, clinics, skilled nursing facilities and healthcare station.
  • MiiS - DSC 200P
    1. Provide high definition clinical image
    2. Portable and hand held application in disease screen
    3. Friendly user interface with touch screen and Auto focus
    4. Multi functional diagnosis in ophthalmology , ENT . Dermatology and general practice.
    5. Widely application in clinic room , private office ,hospital, Tele- medicine , and mobile health.
  • Horus Digital Eye Anterior Lens_DEA 200Horus Digital Eye Anterior Lens_DEA 200
  • Horus Digital Fundus Camera DEC 100Horus Digital Fundus Camera DEC 100
    • Avoid unnecessary mydriatic medications and side effects.
    • Improve quality and efficiency of making the rounds and even reach those in remote areas.
    • Minimize paperwork with images or videos taken, stored, and processed digitally.
    • Acquire additional stability with a special adapter attached to slit lamp.
  • Horus Digital Fundus Camera DEC 200Horus Digital Fundus Camera DEC 200
    Horus DEC200 Non-Mydriatic Digital Handheld Fundus Camera offers high image quality with ISO 10940 fulfillment. 5MP (2592*1944 pixels) and 45 degree FOV of fundus image are captured to provide more details. 7 internal fixation targets for macula center, disk center and peripheral image in DEC 200 optical modules. Horus DEC200 provides both auto-focus and power-focus function to facilitate image capturing. Touch LCD Screen and Wi-Fi compatibility are also equipped . With a special slit lamp jig, Hours DEC 200 can be mounted with slit lamp for desktop application.
  • Horus Eye Surface Camera_DGC 200
  • Horus Portable Chin Rest_CR 100