Horus Digital Diagnostic Set DSC 100

//Horus Digital Diagnostic Set DSC 100
  • Horus Digital Diagnostic Set_DSC 100
  • Horus Digital Diagnostic Set_DSC 100
  • Horus Digital Diagnostic Set_DSC 100

Horus Digital Diagnostic Set DSC 100

This innovative product “Digital Hand-held diagnostic set” is Class-II (ophthalmoscope)/Class-I (otoscope and dermoscope) Medical Device.

It is expected to substitute for the traditional ophthalmoscope, otoscope and dermoscope by the use of the digital photographic solution. This medical device is provided to capture the digital photograph or video of eye-fundus, ear canal and tympanic membrane, epidermis and dermis of skin. Following the global trend of electronic medical records and telehealthcare networks, this people-oriented medical imaging product will be widely applied in doctors’ offices, clinics, skilled nursing facilities and healthcare station.



  • Emergency
  •  Pediatrics
  •  Ward round
  •  Clinics
  •  Telemedicine
  •  Education
  •  Veterinary

Technical Specifications

Horus Digital Diagnostic Set_DSC 100 - spec


Q: Took a long time to enter image capturing mode

A: It takes around14 to 19 seconds to turn on the control unit and enter image capturing mode, please contact your dealer if you generally experienced differently.


Q: Stuck on boot screen or turned into black scree during operation

A: Please ensure the lens is correctly attached to the control unit, and turn the lens Formatted: Font: Bold, Font color: Background1Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numberingclockwise (when facing the rear side of control unit) until it’s completely locked.


Q: Can I charge the control unit while using it?

A: Yes, you can charge the control unit when use it after activating UVC mode. To activate UVC mode, please enter Menu and then go to 10. UVC enable.


Q: Power indicator keeps flashing after shut down

A: This is an reminder for user to charge the control unit. (It requires 5-hour charging before the first use)


Q: How to make sure the machine is fully charged?

A: The power indicator will be off when the control unit is 100% charged.


Q: No indication of the power indicator when using the charging cradle

A: Please check if the mini-USB is correctly connected between the control unit and the charging cradle.


Q: Orange light and blue light flashing alternatively while charging, but the control unit is still low on battery even after charging for hours

A: Please check if the battery is installed in the control unit.


Q: I had disabled standby mode, but the control unit still switched to standby mode

A: Standby Disable setting returns to default value after re-boot the machine


Q: How to adjust the position of lens when mounted horus scope to slit lamp?

A: First, align the center of lens with the mark of eye height, and then, it’s just the same as operating a slit lamp for image capture.

Through the scope