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    Eye Cubed™ features real time imaging, advanced movie mode, real-time image enhancement, and a range of self-calibrating "best fit" probes.

    Customized Configuration to Best Meet Your Needs

    With customized configuration of A-Scan and B-Scan modes, Eye Cubed™ covers all of your diagnostic ultrasound needs for both the posterior and anterior segments. Pre-op or post-op, A-Scan or B-Scan, retina or anterior segment: whatever your focus, Eye Cubed™ shows you more, in more detail, than any other device of its kind.

    High Resolution Goes Ultra

    Eye Cubed’s 40 MHz UBM mode allows you to view anterior structures such as the cornea, iris, ciliary body, crystalline and intraocular lens more clearly than ever before. Whether determining the sulcus-to-sulcus measurement for accurate ICL sizing or the angle for potential angle closure and possible YAG laser iridotomy, Eye Cubed’s 40M Hz UBM mode is the gold-standard in high-resolution ultrasound.

    Essential Technology for Your Practice

    Even in an era of high-tech OCT scanning and digital imaging, ultrasound is the only means to obtain a crucial view of the posterior segment when there is a dense cataract or vitreous hemorrhage in the eye – making it one of the most fundamental diagnostic tools in ophthalmology. Detection of disorders like posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) in opaque ocular media is easily achieved with B-Scan ultrasound.

    Innovative Imaging

    Since acquiring Sacramento-based ophthalmic ultrasound pioneers Innovative Imaging Inc. in 2006, Ellex has been working hard to provide ever-increasing value to our Eye Cubed customers – and to develop our ultrasound technology platform. With the support of personalized, clinical ultrasound applications training by expert ecographers, Eye Cubed™ offers a total solution for your practice – and for your patients.

    Ophthalmic Edge

    Visit the comprehensive online diagnostic teaching tool created by Yale Fisher, MD, to access lectures, monographs and cases studies covering a range of diagnostic technologies, including ultrasound and OCT.
  • The A-Scan Plus Connect® is designed to meet the demands of today’s refractive cataract surgery.  It is the single most effective solution for measuring and calculating all of your patients and refining your surgical outcomes.  It has the ability to measure most patients and works great with dense cataracts or patients with fixation difficulties. The Connect links directly to a PC, laptop or tablet device making it the ultimate portable solution. Information can easily be uploaded to electronic medical record (EMR) systems. The improved user interface makes entering patient data, capturing the scan and calculating the measurement much faster.* Features:
    • Immersion and Contact Modes.
    • Industry Leading Resolution.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Less Patient Chair Time – Faster measurement capture*.
    • Automatic Alignment Detection and Sclera Recognition eliminate marginally aligned scans.
    • Portable, Lightweight Design – Plug into any PC, laptop or tablet device.
    • Share information easily – adaptable document transfer via EMR, email or printer.
    • Modern Third and Fourth Generation Formulas including the Hoffer®Q, SRK/T, Holladay, Haigis as well as new post refractive formulas.
    • Optimized Lens Constants for superior surgical outcomes.
    • Unlimited Software Licenses.
    • Streamline your patient data - shares information with B-Scan Plus and UBM Plus.
    *When compared to original A-Scan Plus
  • The B-Scan Plus’ and B-Scan Plus Vet's proprietary software combined with unique probe electronics make it the only portable High Definition B-Scan. While developing the B-Scan Plus software, Accutome visited many of the top facilities around the world. The results are a reliable and easy-to-use unit, which can quickly scan patients and transport information. Features:
    • 0.015 mm resolution is among the highest in the medical industry.
    • State-of-the-art probe design is sharper, more focused images due to the elimination of signal loss.
    • Contains 4 useful measuring tools along with corresponding A-Vectoring for diagnosing ocular pathologies.
    • The only unit with 2x full image zoom without distortion of real-time or captured scan.
    • Portable probe can plug into any laptop or PC.*
    • Unlimited 34 second film loops.
    • Share Information Easily with adaptable document transfer via EMR, email or printer.
    • Compact file storage is unsurpassed by the competition.
    • Protect your investment with easily upgradeable software.
    • User-friendly interface makes user manuals and quick start guides unnecessary.
    • The B-Scan Plus sofware is now DICOM compatable.
    * Certain Computer Specifications Required.
  • 4Sight4Sight
    For over 30 years Accutome has built a reputation for high quality, reliable and reasonably priced ophthalmic diagnostic equipment. The addition of the 4Sight is no exception. Designed with eye care professionals in mind, the 4Sight provides a single solution for ophthalmic diagnostics by combining an A-Scan, B-Scan, UBM and Pachymeter in one, easy to use platform. We realize the demands on today’s busy clinics and designed the 4Sight to meet those needs by delivering a high value product that is accurate and efficient.
  • eye one product

    The intuitive diagnostic ultrasound platform

    If you’re searching for an easily reconfigurable ultrasound platform that covers all examination and measurement scan modes in an easy-to-use, compact design, Eye One™ is the solution you're looking for. From diagnostic A-Scan to high-frequency B-Scan, Eye One™ delivers comprehensive capability to meet your ultrasound needs for both the posterior and anterior segments.