• ellex soloellex solo
    ellex solo logoSolo™ is engineered to be faster and more precise. The system’s proprietary cavity facilitates effective heat transfer and cooling to deliver the industry’s fastest SLT firing rate at 3 shots per second. In addition, an automatic calibration process and a series of test-fire sequences uses feedback from the system’s energy monitor in order to constantly adjust system output, enabling precise adjustment of parameter settings at 0.1 mJ increments.

  • Tango_SLTtango_ellex
    tangoTango™ combines a full-featured SLT laser with a powerful, precise YAG laser, helping you to better manage both OAG and ACG patients, while also providing a highly effective solution for capsulotomy procedures. Engineered and built by Ellex, Tango™ brings together 30 years of manufacturing expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver consistently better treatment results. Featuring a proprietary, patented dual-mode laser cavity, which allows you to instantly – and reliably – switch between SLT and YAG modes, combined with a custom-designed power supply that maintains optimum system stability for greater shot-to-shot consistency, Tango™ allows you to perform SLT and YAG treatments with improved accuracy and greater efficacy over the long-term.  

    Product Information

    1.  Optimized for Anterior Segment Viewing
    2. IOL-Friendly Photodisruption
    3. Better Performance Over the Long-Term
    4. Faster Treatment
    5. Pinpoint Precision
    6. Accurately Position Optical Breakdown
    7. Designed to Maximize Your Workflow
    8. Greater Efficiency at the Touch of a Button
    9. A Wider View
    10. Configured to Meet Your Needs
  • tango reflex
    tango reflex

    Versatility, quality

    Patients present a diverse range of eye conditions for you to evaluate and threat. With Tango Reflex™ from Ellex, you can expand the scope of care you’re able to provide, and all at the absolutely highest standard of safety and efficacy.

  • ellex ultra qellex ultra q
    ellec ultra qConsidered to be the industry’s leading microsurgical YAG laser, Ultra Q™ features a patented, proprietary cavity and a custom power supply, which allow you to perform capsulotomy and iridotomy procedures at lower, more efficient power levels and with greater shot-to-shot consistency. It is also the world’s fastest YAG laser, with a firing rate of 3 shots per second.

    IOL-Friendly Photodisruption

    Ultra Q™ achieves the industry’s lowest energy optical breakdown at 1.8mJ (in air) to cut tissue more efficiently with fewer shots and less cumulative energy. Featuring an Ultra Gaussian beam profile, Ultra Q™ focuses more energy into the center of the beam profile to deliver greater energy density. Not only does this reduce the amount of energy needed to effectively perform capsulotomy and iridotomy treatments, it also greatly reduces the risk of lens pitting.

    Capsulotomy for Presbyopic IOLs

    A precise capsulotomy is essential for IOLs that correct presbyopia through implantation in the posterior chamber’s capsular bag. Good IOL centration, in terms of the pupil, optimizes lens performance. In contrast, decentration can cause halos and poor vision. The goal is a perfectly centered, precise capsulotomy that will not affect the tension of the bag and the position of the IOL in the visual axis. The precision and ultra-low energy optical breakdown provided by Ultra Q™ creates a capsulotomy opening that is precisely controlled, without causing damage to the lens – even if the lack of a ridge makes the capsule adhere to the optic.

    Iridotomy for Phakic IOLs

    Refractive IOLs that are designed to correct myopia, or hyperopia (also known as Phakic IOLs) can be placed in front of the iris or between the iris and the natural lens. To prevent any possibility of IOL-induced pupillary block, these lenses require peripheral iridotomies prior to surgery. The iridotomy aperture must be large enough to ensure a balanced aqueous flow, yet small enough so that no light is transmitted back to the pupil, which can cause double vision. Ultra Q™ enables you to create a precise size of the iridotomy, often in a single shot that uses lower energy than other YAG lasers.

    Selective Capsulotomy

    Selective Capsulotomy performed with Ultra Q™ can effectively address ACCS and PCCS associated with the implantation of accommodative IOLs – allowing refinement of refractive outcomes following IOL surgery.
  • ultra q reflexultra q reflex
    ultra q reflexThe new Ultra Q Reflex™ is the only YAG laser designed to perform both anterior and posterior YAG treatments – and is ideally suited for the treatment of vitreous strands and opacities. 1. Capsulotomy with New Generation IOLs 2. Laser Vitreolysis for the Treatment of Floaters 3. Peripheral Iridotomy for Glaucoma

    Product Information

    1. Optimized Optics for Better Viewing 2. Reflex Technology 3. IOL-Friendly Photodisruption 4. Better Performance Over the Long-Term 5. Pinpoint Precision 6. Accurately Position Optical Breakdown 7. Designed to Maximize Your Workflow 8. Faster Treatment