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ellex solo logoSolo™ is engineered to be faster and more precise. The system’s proprietary cavity facilitates effective heat transfer and cooling to deliver the industry’s fastest SLT firing rate at 3 shots per second. In addition, an automatic calibration process and a series of test-fire sequences uses feedback from the system’s energy monitor in order to constantly adjust system output, enabling precise adjustment of parameter settings at 0.1 mJ increments.


1. Optimized for Anterior Segment Viewing

The quality and design of Solo’s slit lamp optics are optimized for anterior segment viewing. Featuring Galilean converging optics with a 16° stereoscopic angle, Solo™ provides a more natural stereoscopic view combined with a shallow focusing depth.

2. Designed to Maximize Your Workflow

Ellex has integrated the laser and slit lamp for greater efficiency and reliability, as well as for improved ease of use. Solo’s compact, efficient design provides you with additional working space – making it easier to align the patient and to position the contact lens. It also offers the added benefit of convenient, simultaneous access to the patient and laser controls. In addition, it minimizes system downtime because there are no exposed fiber-optic or electrical cables to accidentally damage and thereby eliminates the need for you to calibrate the system, or to reposition cables or adapters.

3. World’s Fastest SLT Laser

With the industry’s fastest firing rate at 3 shots per second, Solo™ saves you time and allows you to perform quick and highly accurate treatment. Other SLT lasers simply can’t keep up, averaging 2.5 hertz Solo’s proprietary cavity facilitates more effective heat transfer and cooling, thereby permitting fast, efficient operation. In addition, the system’s pulse capacitors are rapidly recharged between each and every shot without the risk of overheating – ensuring you of uninterrupted operation.

 4. Pinpoint Precision

Solo™ features a high level of precision, in which parameter settings can be adjusted at 0.1 mJ increments. This capability, coupled with superior energy control, enables you to deliver highly accurate SLT treatment. All SLT treatment parameters are designed to industry-recognized treatment protocols, maximizing treatment options and ensuring effective patient results – and enabling treatment to be tailored to the individual patient’s response.

The SLT procedure is performed in single-shot mode, with consecutive but not overlapping spots placed over the interior half of the trabecular meshwork. To determine the optimal level of energy for each patient, the energy level is gradually increased until the threshold energy level for mini-bubble information is observed, or decreased if bubble formation is noted.

5. Configured to Meet Your Needs

Configured to meet your needs, Solo™ can be combined with the Total Solution™ table range in order to meet the needs of ophthalmic offices, ambulatory surgery centers and hospital outpatient clinics.


Solo™ Specifications

Laser Source Q-switched, frequency doubled Nd:YAG
Wavelength green: 532 nm
Energy 0.3 to 2.6 mJ, single pulse, continuously variable
Pulse Duration 3 ns
Spot Size 400 μm
Repetition Rate up to 3 hertz
Aiming Beam red 635 nm, adjustable intensity
Magnification optimized for enhanced anterior segment visualization
Cooling air cooled
Electrical Requirements 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 VA
Weight 30 kg, 66 lbs (laser only)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 57 x 75 x 44 cm, 23 x 30 x 18 inches (laser only)
Standard Accessories Total Solution™ tables, remote display, safety glasses, laser safety sign, dust cover
Optional Accessories Tonometer mount, SLT laser lens, footswitch, five-position magnification changer, beam splitter, 35mm camera adapter, video camera adapter, co-observation tube

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Total Solution™ Tables

(standard accessory)

Ellex Total Solution™ tables are designed to meet the needs of any environment – with the added benefit of comfort, flexibility and an optimized patient-surgeon interface. The following tables are available in the Total Solution™ range:

Wheelchair Accessible

Easy access for patients in a wheelchair.  



Portable option for ease of transportation. 

Wheelchair Accessible, Mobile

Benefits of wheelchair accessibility combined with ease of transportation.  

SLT and the Glaucoma Surgeon – Interview with Tarek Shaarawy, MD (Switzerland)

Not only can SLT achieve sustained IOP reduction for the majority of your glaucoma patients, but it has also been hypothesized to improve the prognosis of glaucoma surgery as compared to long-term medication use.

SLT in the Glaucoma Treatment Armamentarium – Interview with Roberto Cararssa, MD (Italy)

Long-term control of intraocular pressure (IOP) is key to minimizing the ocular damage that eventually occurs in glaucoma patients. The effects of traditional anti-glaucoma eyedrops are short-lived and therefore require diligent, long-term use. Even argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT), which is known to deliver effective results, starts to lose efficacy within several years. In contrast, selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) delivers effective IOP reduction that lasts far longer than any other treatment.

SLT as a Primary Therapy for Glaucoma – Interview with Andrew G. Iwach, MD (USA)

According to glaucoma expert Andrew G. Iwach, MD, at the ASCRS 2013 in San Francisco, he and his colleagues have known for a long time that SLT delivers better IOP-reducing results when used as primary therapy.


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