Simple BC Trial Frame

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  • simple bc trial frame

Simple BC Trial Frame


Fixed P.D.
PD Size: 13 sizes from 48mm to 72mm, with 2mm interval.

Light weight
Only 36g without lenses

Axis of astigmatism
Provides each 5°

Nose pad
Adjustable in height

With soft temple tip. Available in NON SLIP temple tips (Optional)

Black (PD 48-52 type are only blue or pink)




Simple BC Trial Frame with Fixed PD

Made in Japan



Adjustable Nose Pad 
Push to adjust Nose Pad Up and Down. Set it lower position gives more comfortable for Progressive Lens examine.



Axis of astigmatism
To move the ring with fingertip, provides smooth and precise adjustment of 5 axis steps. (3 lens in front and 1 in back)



Temple Tips 
Soft Temple Tips to fit all patients comfortably.



Plate Spring Hinge 
With plate spring hinge, make the Trial Frame serve more longer compared to others.



Non Slip temple Tips (Optional) 
With Non Slip Temple Tips, make the patient always look into the optical center of the trial lens. Also adjustable in 3mm length.