Accommodative Flipper

  • Accommodative Flipper BC1270-W

Accommodative Flipper

Test and train for accommodative facility, accommodative rock, positive/negative relative accommodation and convergence and fusional convergence reserves. May delay bifocal use with some early presbyopes. Assists in hyperopia screening and lens demonstrations. Durable, white plastic holds shape under low heat for lens insertion. Powers listed on handle.

One pair plus; one pair minus. Select from +/- 0.25 to 4.00 diopters in 0.25 increments.

Item #: BC1270+

All our high quality flippers are made in the USA with glass lenses!

Plastic lenses are available as special order only. Please call to order plastic lenses.

Flipper can be ordered without Bernell imprint (See BC1270NI)

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(+0.25D/-0.25D), (+0.50D/-0.50D), (+2.00D/-4.00D), (+2.25D/-2.25D), (+2.50D/-2.50D), (+2.75D/-2.75D), (+3.00D/-3.00D), (+3.25D/-3.25D), (+3.50D/-3.50D), (+3.75D/-3.75D), (+4.00D/-4.00D), (+5.00D/-5.00D)