Sports Vision

//Sports Vision
  • Fixed Demand TranaglyphFixed Demand Tranaglyph - (60 Series)
    Fixed Demands Tranaglyph™ Kit (60 Series) Ideal for testing or training in true space at the office or home. Eliminates suppression while developing fusion and stereopsis. Non-variable prismatic Red/Green slides build fusional convergence & divergence. 2PD increments from 0 to 30PD BI or BO. 10" x 5.5" Red/Green targets on frosted vinyl. Can be used with Polachrome Trainer. Item #: BC60K+
  • Sports Fixation Cards - SoccerSports Fixation Cards - All Sports
    Make your patients aware that you do both Vision Therapy and Vision Training (Sports Vision!) with these new sports cards. Let them select their favorite sport: baseball, football, soccer or all sports. Cards come in transparent or opaque packs of 5 cards. Two balls are set opposite of the other two so that you can ask which balls come out/go in to the card to determine if the patient is really seeing as they should. Vertical lines on circles for suppression check. Red/green circles to encourage color rivalry. Item #: B550AS+