Gonio Lens

//Gonio Lens
  • Gonio PrismGonio Prism
    Ideal for use with children or patients with a small palpebral fissure. The instrument consists of a highly polished truncated silver surfaced pyramid with a plane anteroir viewing surface over four mirrors. An aluminum handle set at 35 degrees is bonded to one corner of the lens. The lens is used in the diamond position (45 degrees) resulting in fewer adjustments of lowering and elevating the slit beam with either hand. Item #: OCIOPDSG
  • Gonioscopy Lens with Removable Handle & 4 Mirrors
    This 4 mirror glass lens is used for viewing all quadrants of the anterior chamber without lens repositioning. Mirrors are placed at angles of 62 degrees. No flange. No fluid required. Removable handle screws into place. Lens diameter: 20mm Rim Diameter: 25mm Lens Contact Point: 9mm Comes with padded case Item #: AMPDSG