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    The optimum in minimally invasive, canal-based glaucoma surgery

    With a mild touch and manifest efficacy, ABiC™ performed with the iTrack™ surgical system is a comprehensive minimally invasive glaucoma surgery that can effectively reduce IOP and eliminate or reduce the medication burden. Restorative and atraumatic, ABiC™ can be performed across the entire glaucoma disease process – and in conjunction with other treatments and MIGS options.

    The restorative surgical option for glaucoma

    Canaloplasty is a highly effective surgical treatment for moderate to later stage open-angle glaucoma. Performed using Ellex's iTrack™ surgical system, it's a minimally invasive, efficacious and safe technique that restores the eye’s natural outflow system function to reduce elevated intraocular pressure (IOP).
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    Minimally invasive, maximally effective

    Behind the apparent simplicity of ABiC™ and Canaloplasty is the iTrack™ surgical system. Intelligently designed and meticulously tested across each treatment step, the iTrack™ surgical system comprises the iTrack™ microcatheter, the ViscoInjector™ viscoelastic injector, and the iLumin™ illumination source.