Amsler Chart

//Amsler Chart
  • SMD card
    A durable home monitoring test card for those patients needing to detect metamorphopsia. Espically useful with ARMD and PMF. The back of the card contains near point reading material of various type sizes. This allows the patient to monitor possible changes in visual acutiy. The card is made of a washable plastic material. Size 5-1/2" by 8" Item #: BC11980
  • Amsler Grid Book
    Amsler Chart Book Test for metamorphopsia, maculo-pathy and retino-pathy. Imported from England Includes six grids as pictured Instructions Included 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
  • Amsler Grid Refined Central
    Refined Central Amsler Grid Amsler grid pad with additional lines at the central fixation point for testing and monitoring macular problems. Pad of 50 sheets
  • Amsler Grid Test
    ARMD Test Pad Amsler grid pad for testing and monitoring macular problems. Ideal for patients to take home. Heavy, non-wrinkle paper Pad of 50 sheets