SLM-3 ER Digital Slit Lamp

Digital Video Slit Lamp

  • SLM-3 ER Digital Slit Lamp

SLM-3 ER Digital Slit Lamp

Professional image analyzing, processing and management system

Professional optics with high definition digital SLR camera (16.2 Mega Pixels)

Special case storage system

Professional software with high definition video function

Background illumination system

  • Professional image analyzing, processing and management system
  • Operational convenience as well as outstanding optical and mechanical performance make the  slit lamp a powerful all-rounder with great application flexibility.
  • This highly durable and reliable instrument provides detailed, contrast-rich images for accurate and efficient eye examination
  • Outstanding performance and excellent operation and flexibility
  • The model features the SL Imaging Module, enabling image and video recording of all examinations – whether for documentation, patient consultation or presentations.
  • Flash device and camera attachment enables the clinician to make superb photos of posterior and anterior segments in the eye. Excellent clarity, color balance and depth of field enhance the examination.
  • Professional optics is combined with a Nikon SLR camera (24.1 Mega Pixels);
  • Special case storage system to review the patient’s information at ant time.
  • Background illumination system;

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification
Model Digital Slit Lamp with camera SLM-3ER
Microscope Type Galileo Parallel
Digital System Nikon D 5200 with high definition DSLR 24.1 Mega Pixels
Background Illumination Yes
Magnification Change Way Drum Five Magnifications
Eyepiece Magnification 12.5x
Total Magnifications 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x,40x
Diopter Adjustment -5D ~+5D
Illumination 5 Steps and Step less Optional
Slit Width 0-14MM Continuous
Slit Height 1-14MM Continuous
Slit Angle 0°- 180° Adjustable
Slit Inclination Angle 5°10°15°20°
Light Source High Light Source
Light Spot Diameter 0.2mm,  2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 14mm
Filter Heat Absorption; Grey; Redfree; Cobalt Blue
Fixation Red LED
Illumination Bulb German OSRAM Halogen Tungsten Lamp 12V/50W
Input Voltage 110V/220V (±10%)
Input Power 60VA
Diffuse Lens Yes
Preset Lens Yes
Laser Interface Yes
Applanation Tonometer Interface Yes