Nidek Multicolor Scan Laser Photocoagulator MC-500 Vixi & Multicolor Laser Photocoagulator MC-500

Nidek Multicolor Scan Laser Photocoagulator MC-500 Vixi & Multicolor Laser Photocoagulator MC-500


  • Multicolor on modular architecture
  • Multiple scan patterns
  • Auto forward
  • LPM (Low Power Mode)
  • Practical and user-friendly features
  • Delivery unit options

Multicolor on modular architecture

The MC-500 Vixi / MC-500 allows the selection of one, two, or three wavelengths among green, yellow, and red.


Multiple scan patterns (available for MC-500 Vixi)

The MC-500 Vixi has 22 preprogrammed scan patterns to allow treatment of varying retinal pathologies.

*1 For equal space patterns, No. v No. indicates the number of spots in horizontal and vertical directions.
*2 The arcade grid pattern is used for treatment of the periphery of macula in one-sixth units. The inner diameter is fixed and spot sizes range from 100 to 200 μm.


Auto forward* (available for MC-500 Vixi)

Once photocoagulation is completed in one region, the MC-500 Vixi allows automated positioning of the scan pattern to the next region to undergo photocoagulation. This feature allows the surgeon to concentrate on focus adjustment.

The repeat mode with the auto forward function enables consecutive regions to undergo photocoagulation on a selected path without repeatedly pressing the foot switch.
*The auto forward function is available for the equal space (2v2, 3v3, 4v4) and the square (2×2, 3×3, 4×4) patterns.
The number of times of the forwarding differs depending on the scan pattern, spot size, and spacing.


LPM (Low Power Mode) for minimally invasive photocoagulation

LPM (Low Power Mode) is a form of laser treatment that delivers reduced power to the retina. In LPM, the standard (yellow) laser treatment power is reduced by a specified ratio. To use the optional LPM, the MC-500 Vixi has to be equipped with the yellow laser. An additional software upgrade is required.

Arcade grid scan pattern
In addition to regular mode, LPM includes a scan pattern that prevents treatment in a central circular area within the grid.

Auto forward function
Auto forward function allows automated positioning of the scan pattern for photocoagulation.


Practical and user-friendly features

Intuitive graphic user interface and easy-to-read color LCD touch screen allows easy and quick setup and confirmation of the scan pattern and treatment parameters.


Delivery unit options

Scan delivery unit

  • Scan slit lamp delivery unit (NIDEK SL-2000/SL-1800)
  • Scan attachable delivery unit (NIDEK SL-2000/SL-1800/SL-1600, ZEISS SL 130, HAAG 900BQ / 900BQ LED slit lamp)

Single delivery unit

  • Slit lamp delivery unit (NIDEK SL-1800)
  • Attachable delivery unit (NIDEK SL-1800/SL-1600, ZEISS SL 130)
  • BIO delivery unit (HEINE OMEGA 500)
  • YAG laser combination delivery unit (NIDEK YC-1800)
  • Endophotocoagulation delivery unit (ZEISS, LEICA)


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