Fixed Demands Tranaglyph™ (50 Series)

  • Fixed Demand Tranaglyph Kit

Fixed Demands Tranaglyph™ (50 Series)

Fixed Demands Tranaglyph™ Kit
(50 Series)

Ideal for testing or training in true space at the office or home. Eliminates suppression while developing fusion and stereopsis. Non-variable prismatic Red/Green slides build fusional convergence & divergence. 2PD increments from 0 to 30PD BI or BO. 10″ x 5.5″ Red/Green targets on frosted vinyl. Can be used with Polachrome Trainer.

Item #: BC50K+

Kit Includes (6) Slides, Slide Legs, Red/Green Goggle, (2) Red Pointers and Manual.

Slides also available separately.