The Lang-Stereopad® is a new device for testing global near stereopsis. It is suitable for all age groups, including preverbal children (less than 1 year). This stereo test does not require the use of special glasses because of the combination of random dots with a lenticular screen, similarly to the the Lang-Stereotests® I-R and II.


Target user group: Orthoptist, Paediatric ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Paediatrician, Optician

Main purpose: early detection and prevention of amblyopia, further assessment after stereopsis screening.

The Lang-Stereopad®consists of six magnetic test cards being presented on a magnetic red test panel. Each test card of has one 3D random dot stereo object. The range of disparity is between 1000” and 50”. The magnetic test cards can be placed and shown separately or in combination on the double-side red test panel. Test objects are perfectly hidden when viewed monocularly or with horizontally aligned lenticular grid.

The test is suitable for screening for stereopsis, preferential looking (two- or three-alternative forced choice task), assessment of stereopsis threshold by staircase method. Since the position of the test objects can be varied, in contrast to the Lang-Stereotests I-R and II, no guessing is possible. For these reasons, indeed,  the Lang-Stereopad® has been proven to be of particular use for further assessments in specific professional settings like orthoptic units or clinics of paediatric ophthalmology.

Lang-Stereopad® and Lang-Stereotest® are registered brands. This product has been fully designed and developed in Switzerland.

REF 501 Lang-Stereopad®

Package content:

1 double-sided test panel (pvc-coated, with metal core), red, 210mm x 150mm x 3mm

6 framed, magnetic test cards 65mm x 65cmmm x 4mm:  STAR 1000’’, CAR, 600’’CAT 400’’, MOON 200’’, SUN 100’’, STAR 50’’

+ Storage box,  instruction brochure 20 pages. Total weight 355g.

Separately available: REF 510 Magnetic support