• AP-50


AP-50 is a desktop model, lightweight and fully featured modern static automated perimeter ideal for glaucoma diagnosis and specific requirements of occupational medicine and busy mobile clinicians. AP-50 uses LED back projection of stimulus in white color, and offers a wide range of strategies, test fields and reach set of test parameters to assure quick and precise measurement. Control of fixation is performed automatically using the built-in camera or by controlling the position of the blind spot. Built-in data analysis include regression analysis and standardized ways of presenting and printing examination results. Perimeter AP-50 can work with any PC computer running the Windows operating system.



  • Reduced device size thanks to novel measurement bowl design
  • Small size, compact and light weight
  • Less demanding for ambient light conditions
  • Standard test fields and conditions
  • Binocular testing

Technical Data

Measurement bowl type Hemispherical 300mm radius with difusive surface
Maximum temporal range (degrees) 80°
Stimulus White-on-white
Stimulus duration 0.1 – 9.9s
Stimulus size III
Stimulus intensity 0.03asb to 10000asb
Visual field testing distance 30 cm
Background illumination White 31.5asb (10cd/m2)
Automatic background illumination control
Fixation control Heijl-Krakau blind spot monitor
Eye tracking (video camera)
Eye previev (video camera)
Test models Supra threshold age corrected: Screeing
Threshold: Full Threshold, Fast Threshold
Others:  Constant, Binocular, Bi-Driving, Targeted Perimetry,
Test field library Macula, Central 10°, Central 20°, Central 30°
Nasal step (Glaucoma)
Correction glass diameter 38mm
Chinrest Electrically driven in horizontal and vertical axis
Computer Touch screen support
Printer External or network printer
Additional software features Fovea threshold testing
Automatic pupil measurement
User management module
Touch screen operation
DICOM export
Network connectivity
Programming interface for EMR systems
Data import from HFA devices
Auto backup
Dimensions Height: 382 mm
Width: 548 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Weight 9 kg
Power requirements Voltage 110-230VAC
Power 65W


AP-50 BROCHURE  Download