• AP-300


AP-300 is a modern and innovative Automated Perimeter that meets global standards for excellence around visual sensitivity testing, diagnosis and management of eye disease. AP-300 platform of advanced diagnostics uses Kinetic and Static Perimetry, including white/white perimetry, blue/yellow (SWAP – Short wavelength automated perimetry) and Flicker (critical flicker fusion perimetry) for early glaucoma detection plus real Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry. The device offers a wide range of strategies, fields and test parameters. Built-in camera provides automatic control of patient fixation. Built-in data analysis include regression analysis of the visual field on the basis of historical examinations and standardized ways of presenting and printing test results. Intuitive perimeter software allows easy operation and is designed to be operated using the touch screen. AP-300 design includes built-in high quality PC computer.



  • Complete test and data analysis system
  • Kinetic perimetry
  • Blue-on-Yellow static perimetry
  • Static perimetry
  • Test fields
  • Targeted perimetry
  • Pattern calibration
  • Installation flexibility
  • Test result presentation
  • Test parameters

Technical Data

Measurement bowl type

Hemispherical 300mm radius with difusive surface
Maximum temporal range (degrees) 80°
Stimulus White-on-white
Stimulus duration 0.1 – 9.9s
Stimulus size I-V
Stimulus intensity 0.03asb to 10000asb in 15 3dB or 45 1dB steps
Visual field testing distance 30 cm
Background illumination White 10asb (3.2cd/m2) for red and green stimulus tests
White 31.5asb (10cd/m2) for white stimulus tests
Yellow 100cd/m2 for Blue-on-Yellow tests
Automatic background illumination control
Fixation control Heijl-Krakau blind spot monitor
Eye tracking (video camera)
Eye previev (video camera)
Test models Supra threshold age corrected: Screeing
Threshold: Full Threshold, Fast Threshold, Smart Threshold
Others:  2-Zone, 3-Zone, Quantify Defect, Constant, Binocular, Bi-Driving, Targeted Perimetry, Neurological
Test field library With concentric test point positions: Macula, Central 22°, Central 30°, Full, Driving, Wide, Glaucoma, Peripheral
With square-grid position:  Macula, 10-2, 24-2, 30-2
User defined test fields
Bi-Driving, Industial Medicine, monocular, binocular
Kinetic perimetry up to 8 izopter
individual stimulus parameters (color, size, movement speed) for each isopter
Correction glass diameter 38mm
Chinrest Electrically driven in horizontal and vertical axis
Computer Build-in PC
Touch screen support
Printer External or network printer
Additional software features Automatic pupil diameter measurement
Fovea threshold testing
User management module
Touch screen operation
DICOM export
Network connectivity
Programming interface for EMR systems
Data import from HFA devices
Auto backup
Dimensions Height: 637mm
Width: 566mm
Depth: 420 mm
Weight 23kg
Power requirements Voltage 110-230VAC
Power 95W


AP-300 BROCHURE  Download